An assortment of Fractal Images

Fractal Space Filling Curves

An assortment of two dimensional Space Filling Curves. Some well known, some original.

Fractal Space Filling Curves 2002

These are a few curves I created from 1998 to 2002. Including the Sphinx, Triominos and others.

Fractal Space Filling Curves 2009

Some Space Filling Curves I come up with since 2002.

Fractal Space Filling Curves 2010

Space Filling Curves I created in 2010.


The Dragon space filling curve is so versatile, it deserves a page of its own.

IFS Dragons

Dragons made using Iterated Function Systems.

Interactive Turtle Tree

Make a wide range of trees, ferns and shrubs with this interactive applet.

Interactive Sierpinski Curve

This interactive applet makes the full range of the mutant Sierpinski Space Filling Curve.

Interactive Turtle Dragon

This interactive applet makes the full range of mutant Dragon Curves.

Mandelbrot and Julia set animations

A few of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

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