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My name is Gary Teachout
This is just where I show off some of my hobby projects

Robot Projects

For many, building your own robot has become a practical, and serious hobby. Well, we'll see about that.

Crazy Legs Egg Sucker ERC Hexex LC Mutant Speedy Theseus Thumper T3

Fractal Creations

I like to play with math and geometry puzzles, and my favorite geometry puzzle is creating new fractals.

Space Filling Curves
Space Filling Curves 2002
Space Filling Curves 2009
Space Filling Curves 2010
IFS Dragons
Interactive Turtle Tree
Interactive Sierpinski Curve
Interactive Turtle Dragon
Mandelbrot and Julia set animations

K'nex Creations

Some stuff I have Built out of K'nex.


Some old programs I wrote for the Amiga computer.

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