Fractal Space Filling Curves 2009

These are two new curves I created since 2002.

I hope there will be more.

A Four Tile Triangle

This curve is closely related to the last one on the previous page. This is also a closed loop and each tile is drawn in an out and back fashion, starting and ending on the same sub-tile, and the curve can pass through some sub-tiles as many as six times.

Above shows the first, second, third, and fourth order curve. Below is the highest order curve, reveling this Sierpinski like, half fill, half gasket.

A Five Tile Right Triangle

I came up with three different curves through this tiling, they are very similar looking so I just show one here. This curve is made of two different tiles shown above.

The A curve is made of three A's, and two B's.
The B curve is made of three B's, and two A's.

The four below are the A shape, and are the same except for how they are colored. The first shows how the A shape divides into sub tiles. The rest show how sub tiles further divide into smaller tiles.

The A sub tiles are shown in shades of red.
The B sub tiles are shown in shades of green.

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