Fractal Space Filling Curves 2010

A Six Tile Triangle

Not really a triangle but the tiling is sort of based on a right triangle.

A Six Tile Maple Leaf

This maple leaf curve is closely related to the triangle above.

The image above shows how the triangle curve can be made of six copies of itself, and how the maple leaf fits in there as well.

The image above shows how the maple leaf can be made from six copies of itself. The image below shows how the maple leaf can be made from six copies of the triangle curve.

Both of these curves are based on tilings I first found on Stewart R. Hinsley's web site.

A Three Tile Hook

This curve is loosely based a on tiling I found on Wolter Schraa's web site. I had to mirror the two tiles on the left before I could make the path work.

A Five Tile Kite

This curve is based on a tiling I found on the Math Magic web site.

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